31 Oct

What is Backloading?


Backloading in the removals industry is a cost-effective means to transport your furniture and other items to your destination.

The purpose of a backload is two-fold. The first is to ensure that the truck that is delivering to a specified destination is full. The second is to provide a cheaper freight option for consumers by only paying for the space your items take up in the truck among the other booked jobs.

Backloading is a common practice around Australia, with many companies focused exclusively on providing this service. Even with the number of companies offering the service, it is still shrouded in mystery for some consumers who tend to avoid this type of offering.

In terms of the service and the transportation, there is really no difference between hiring an entire truck and booking as part of a backload. The only real difference is the cost involved, which with backloading is often significantly reduced.

The other difference with backloading is that the delivery and pick up days can not always be guaranteed. The companies that offer the backloading often need customers to be a little flexible in their dates. This doesn’t mean that you can not get your goods delivered when you need them, it just may mean that the backload truck will not arrive at a specific time due to commitments with the other booked jobs.

Backloading is worth checking out if you are planning a move in the near future. The companies that offer this service are approachable and will be more than happy to walk you through the process and assist with your queries.

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