05 Dec

Online Shopping for Christmas growing as Australians spend $200 on average in 2018

Online Shopping, once seen by many as a challenge and downright frightening is rising as a major player across Australia this year. According to recent data provided by Australia Post, the average Australian will spend a minimum of $200 filling their stockings online.

The increase is being seen across online retailers, with some providing discounts and other incentives to ensure that customer spend stays in the country.

Some of the biggest movers are toys and games, with fashion and jewelry coming in a strong second.

It is expected that at the peak of shipping for Christmas, Australia Post will deliver more than 2 million parcels a day, making it without question the busiest time of the year for deliveries and freight in Australia.

There is a general overall shift in consumer mindset when it comes to online purchasing. With big players like Amazon entering the Australian Market, it is more important than ever for Australian retailers to explore the world of eCommerce to capitalise on this growing trend.

With more Australians working longer hours than ever before, it is becoming increasingly easier to find what we are looking for and purchase it over a glass of wine at the end of a busy work day.

Delivery and logistics companies and forwarders are ever increasing their capabilities with technology and advancements to provide transparency and reliability. With this as one of the primary concerns of consumers, business is adapting to ecommerce and embracing the possibilities that online selling can provide.

With the assistance of online marketplaces like Expeedio, retailers can provide their customers with online shopping at great prices with full tracking. Platforms such as this also provide intuitive quotes and choice for retailers, allowing them to select the courier or delivery service that suits them best.

Reference: https://which-50.com/australians-will-spend-200-each-buying-gifts-online-this-christmas-says-auspost/

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