Frequently Asked Questions

Our instant quote and booking engine saves you time by allowing you to choose the carrier that
suits your needs.
Our aim is to give you A1 customer service
Our choice of carriers will provide you with

    • hassle free pick-up and delivery business to business in metropolitan areas in each capital
      city and major towns.
    • 1-2 hour, 3-4 hour, same day, overnight, long haul options.
    • Lowest budget up to premium service priced options from a wide range of carriers that specialise in each type of courier or freight job.
    • All kinds of vehicles and specialised gear that fits every type of merchandise.


This is the nature of Australian transport due to the large areas and long distances and
Australia’s relatively small population.

To book a residential pickup from “POINT A”, you need to either

    • leave the parcel with packing slip attached, clearly visible and obtainable outside the door,
    • be present to hand to the driver

To book a residential drop off to “POINT B,” you need to either

    • give permission for the driver to leave the parcel at a close to the road, clearly visible door,
      matching the destination address on the packing slip, or
    • be present to greet the driver at all possible times of arrival

Note that only pickups and deliveries both in busy metropolitan areas will

    • Parcels be picked up close to the booked pick-up time, and
    • Parcels be delivered close to the booked delivery time

Often in less busy or remote areas

    • Pickup will occur on the day rather than the booked pickup time
    • Delivery in less busy areas may occur at a later time on the day booked for less metropolitan areas, or possibly the day after for remote areas.

Here are some other odd things to remember

    1. Be careful when sending perishable goods
    2. Be careful just before special holidays such as Easter, School holidays and most of all Christmas.
    3. Sending things urgently will always cost more and risk your parcel arriving late
    4. Always allow extra time
    5. When sending from a remote area, (1) expect that pickup may be later on the day and (2) it is best to check with us at Expeedio by email

Expeedio’s Instant Quote Engine

We trust our website and programming team to provide you with the fastest quote engine, for you
to choose from our select group of carriers to book your job considering

    1. Your budget
    2. The type of goods
    3. Your pickup address and circumstances there
    4. Your destination address and circumstances there, and
    5. When exactly you need it to arrive by

As we are an Internet based business, our quote and booking services are available round the clock.

However, should you require dedicated support, our office hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm AEST

Sit back and watch the magic. Our system will track your order from pick up to delivery, ensuring that you can get on with business in confidence.

Our system will automatically generate consignment numbers and shipping labels for your package. You can simply print them and attach to your delivery before the courier arrives.

Yes, you can track your delivery online, simply login to your account on our website and head to the Bookings menu option. In some instances, your consignment will only appear in the track and trace once it has arrived at a capital city depot. Please allow up to 24 hours if you have sent out of a non-capital city or up to 4 hours from a capital city. Most carriers have instant tracking upon collection. For detailed tracking, you can always call us and we’d be happy to help.

Yes you can, however once you have made a booking with Expeedio, you may be charged a cancellation/change of details fee if the courier you have chosen passes that fee onto us. Also, you may not be able to cancel or change the booking if the booking has already been allocated to a driver. Please contact us for emergency changes and we can assist.

A consignment or con note is the document regarding the transport of goods which declares the contract of carriage and includes the instructions given to the carrier and proves the contract of carriage.

When the goods are ready to move, the note needs to be attached to your item/s before pickup. Failure to apply the consignment note will result in a futile pickup charge.

It contains:

•  Name and address of the consignee

•  Name and address of the sender

•  Name and address of the carrier

•  Description of goods

•  Nature of the goods

•  Number of packages

•  Gross weight or quantity

•  Place of origin

•  Destination

•  Pickup date

•  Customs instructions if applicable

•  Insurance details if applicable

Once you make a booking with us, you will receive an email, which contains a PDF file. All the relevant information is contained within. Please read the pages carefully as the information is very important.

Sure can! Our quick quotes engine will present you will a list of options from which to choose. Based on the courier’s availability, you might be able to get a quicker timeframe for pick-up or delivery.

We understand how important it is for you to get a more specific time for the collection. In some cases, we can provide you the selected courier’s number so you can contact them directly.

Generally, the driver will contact you by phone before pick-up or delivery but it is not their obligation to do so. Please note that if he/she decides to call, they can only call local phone numbers.

If no one is going to be home at the specified pick-up time, you can choose to leave the item at the front door for the driver, as long as the supplied consignment note is attached.

If the consignment note is not attached and the driver arrives to pick up the parcel, the driver will not be able to collect the freight or you may be charged an attempted pick-up fee depending on the carrier. If the package is not picked up, the job will then need to be rebooked for a suitable pick-up time.

There are options for this available from our carriers. These include:

If delivery unattended, leave at front door/backdoor/side gate/carport/other.

Whilst making a booking, you also have the option to nominate a secondary location if the primary address cannot be reached for whatever reason.

Alternatively, Expeedio has several thousand parcel points all over Australia from which to collect the package in the event of a failed delivery. Please call us on our hotline for further information.

A redelivery fee may be charged if no one is available to receive the delivery.

We are unable to deliver to P.O boxes. If it is a regional post office with prior permission granted, it may be possible. Call our customer service line for details.

We do not have a minimum or maximum size limit as we deliver anything.

If you do not know the correct weight or dimensions of the item, it is better to overestimate, rather than underestimate the measurements. You may be charged to make up for underestimated measurements. For account customers these charges will be reconciled during the next billing cycle.

Expeedio does indeed have comprehensive insurance options available for all services for additional fees. You will be able to choose insurance coverage during the booking process and be able to nominate declared values during the quoting process.

If in the unlikely event your goods are missing or damaged, please contact our claims department immediately to begin the reconciliation process. Depending on the coverage, you may be refunded partial or full value of the freight during reconciliation. Please carefully read and follow the Terms and Conditions provided, to ensure the warranty is valid for your consignment. We will process your claim within 30 days of receiving all required documents.

No, anyone can use our service with a valid PayPal account or Credit Card.

We currently accept payments made through all major credit cards (facilitated by eWay), cheques or PayPal. Account customers also have the option to pay by either cash, cheques, bank drafts or telegraphic transfers.

Whilst we try to offer a door to door service throughout Australia, if your location is extremely remote, there is a possibility we will not be able to service the location to the door. Please contact our customer service on 1300 90 75 70 for more information.

In some cases, Yes you can. Please check with our customer service team on 1300 90 75 70 to arrange the details.

Yes, we have a range of member account options with discounted rates available. Please contact our sales team at

Yes, we can facilitate doorstep pickup and delivery, to and from anywhere in Australia.

Pretty much any size you have! We can handle individual cartons, pelletised items, and large, bulky items plus everything in between. Our locations are equipped for flatrack/flatbed loading and oversized freight. We can accommodate special freight needs by utilising equipment rentals.

We measure the length, width, and height of the shipment and calculate the cubic feet of space that the shipment takes up in the container.

Yes. All of our associates are highly trained in the handling of hazardous materials. We take the handling of hazardous materials very seriously and are completely certified to transport freight of this nature. At this time, we do not handle Class 1 explosives. If you are shipping hazardous materials, you must include a copy of the safety data sheet with the shipment at the time of delivery. The freight must be properly packaged and labeled to meet all regulations.

At this time, we do not offer warehousing.