11 Dec

Deliveries increasing WorldWide

Deliveries are increasing worldwide with figures indication that we are sending more parcels than ever before.

A study conducted recently determined that no less than 65 Billion Parcels were shipped in 2016 alone. This was a 48% increase compared to 2014.

The United States is the biggest market by parcel spend ($96 billion) but cedes the top spot to China when it comes to sheer volume (31 billion units). This chart considers parcels that were shipped from business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-business and consumer consigned shipments with a weight up to 31.5 kg (70 pounds).

Given the rise on parcel distribution, now is a great time to review how your company manages this process. Expeedio can offer you a way to manage your company’s courier quotes and deliveries via one intuitive platform. We know how difficult it is to manage multiple deliveries every day, that’s why we have developed our system to make dispatch headaches a thing of the past.

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Statistical reference: https://www.statista.com/chart/10922/parcel-shipping-volume-and-parcel-spend-in-selected-countries/

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